Dan Pink

We have had the opportunity to work with Dan Pink on a number of occasions now, either with him directly on social media assets, through our work for the RSA or with his publisher Canongate on his books.

We made a new Twitter profile portrait for Dan's handle @DanielPink

About Dan PInk and Cognitive

Dan Pink is an American writer and influencer and with 405K followers on Twitter he has become a world renowned thought leader on business, work, and behavioural science. Influenced by the latest research and experiments in psychology, business, happiness, and productivity Dan Pink has written several books including the best-selling Drive: What Motivates us, To Sell is Human and When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing all of which have been at or near the top of the New York Times bestseller lists.

We first came across Dan Pink when the RSA asked us to animate Drive as one of the very first RSAnimates that we made back in 2010. Drive: What Motivates Us is still one of the most popular explainer videos that we made for the RSA (reaching 17 million views just on YouTube), and it is a testament to Dan Pink that the ideas he presents in his talk are still fresh and current in the business world of today.

After the smash hit that was the RSAnimates series, we were then asked in 2014 to make an RSA Short 'a mental espresso' as they called it, of the lecture by Dan Pink on one of the ideas he presented in his new best-selling book To Sell is Human. We concentrated on an excerpt from his RSA talk about the ABC"s of Persuasion using a nautical theme as the main visual metaphor and you can view it below:

Our most recent project with Dan Pink is for his current book When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing and for this book we produced three films for Canongate as well as some sharable social media assets. The important thing about this project was that we had to make shorter punchier explainer films that would encourage regular engagement with shares and likes. The films and assets can all be seen here

The 'Nappuccino'

In our illustration for Dan Pink on 'how to take the perfect nap' we continued the theme he set up at the start of his book where he describes how 80% of people fall into two categories - the 'Early Bird' or the 'third bird. To describe 'the perfect nap' we created an asset that was fun, branded, engaging and sharable. 


The Hospital of Doom

In this illustration, Dan Pink explains how the lull after lunch can affect a patients experience in hospital. In this infographic, we illustrate a vast amount of data in a relatively small space but we use data, charts and pictures to create a natural flow - this makes the image understandable and sharable

The images above were made by us in 2017 to explain three of Dan Pink's  key concepts from Drive. We wanted to revisit the ideas in Dan Pink's book as they are still relevant in the world of business nearly decade later. The Candle Problem, Functional Fixedness and the Tom Sawyer effect (practices that can either turn play into work or work into play) are explained in our infographics above and we applied some visual thinking to explain these concepts in an easy to understand way. 


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