Welcome to the home of award-winning animation

Clients often come to us with dry, undistinguished or overly complex content and we turn this into attention grabbing, easy to understand and highly memorable films.   

All our work is bespoke and built to your specific brief, making unique content that expresses your content and style perfectly.  We can Supercharge your story with fabulous script-writing, bespoke illustration and eye-catching animation.   

We have won many awards for our work and have delivered films for the BBC, Ikea and Ebay as well as many financial organisations.  Here we share just 3 examples, already in the public domain, to give you a peek on the range of topics and styles we have created. 

Building an Icon – RSA Animate 

We started working with the Royal Society of Arts in 2008 when we brought whiteboard animation into the mainstream. Our partnership has helped the RSA to build a YouTube empire with over 100 million views and over 600,000 subscribers.

With over twenty-one RSA Animates to date, we have taken ‘talks’ from some of the greatest brains on the planet and brought them to life, engaging the audience and making the message much easier to understand and remember. RSA films we have made include luminaries like Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (Superfreakonomics), Dan Pink (Drive) and Sir Ken Robinson (Changing Education Paradigms).

Our featured RSA film is with the leading economist Ha Joon Chang explaining how the ‘complex’ subject of economics needs to be brought to the masses. The main challenge with this film was to keep the audience’s attention, so we repeatedly used Ha Joon Chang and a few other characters to create a visual thread to hold the narrative together. We then used plenty of metaphors to ensure his concepts related to everyone!

IFSA Ltd - Complex information at speed

This is a great example of our entry level product the ‘Animated Infographic’. W4 needed to ‘sell’ the complex topic of peer to peer lending in just over a minute. To create interest we used recognisable animal characters (the British Lion and Unicorn) to represent borrowers and lenders.This also allows us to visually shortcut different interactions between borrowers and lenders throughout the film. The pace is speedy but clear and understandable.

Adding emotion back into banking –
Greater London Mutual

Working with the Community Savings Bank Association, of which the Greater London Mutual is a part, we used our mid-level 'Essential Message' product to create a rich, warm and welcoming explainer video to help them launch their brand. From the voice-over, to the characters, and the nods to its heritage, this storyline was all about building trust. Positioning the CSBA mutual against ‘fat cats’ and emphasising the local community focus, helps to quickly and memorably create a feeling of 'a bank on my side'

We have a multitude of different types of films in all sorts of sectors so if you have any questions or just want to explore please do contact us and we’ll be delighted to share more with you



How much do animations cost?

An Animated Infographic is our simplest animated product but it packs a lot of punch into a minute or so and starts at around £3,800k


How long does it take to make a film?

The full production process starting from scratch takes 3 -8 weeks depending on the type of product you have gone for, how quick the sign off process is at your end and the length of the film.


Can you come and present to us?

We are more than happy to come and present to you and your team at your office about what we do and how we can help you to deliver your project. Our Business Team are your first contact with us, they will guide you to a product that best suits your needs before handing you over to the Production Team and then we hold a creative brainstorm to get your story revved up!

What our clients say about working with us...

The RSA Animate series has redefined how we can digest information in the digital age. I see them as the jewel in the crown of our online content. Cognitive has developed a ground-breaking, transformative medium to help us all share and explore ideas from some of the world’s greatest thinkers in an original, accessible and engaging way.
— Matthew Taylor • CEO of the RSA
We really appreciated the time Cognitive spent, their attention to detail and immense creativity in bringing our content to life. Bloody great job!
— MARK BASE • Communication Lead, IKEA Retail Services AB
Cognitive helped to make the academic research from the Enterprising Science Education programme understandable, and accessible, to a lay audience. They brought humour and insight to explaining the concepts involved, and were a pleasure to work with through the full development process
— IAN DUFFY • Head of UK Communications and Community Development at BP Plc